The August 2019 client spotlight is Dianne Parrish. She is 51 years old and is a corporate collector for a consulting firm in DC. When she was younger, she enjoyed riding horses and now plays “show mom” for her oldest two daughters. Her three daughters are 20,18, and 11. In terms of fitness, Dianne used to be an avid runner, however after her last marathon her knees couldn’t handle it anymore. After her unfortunate end to her running career, she decided to change it up and try Crossfit for about 9 months. Her knees got even worse. Being unable to run and participate in Crossfit left her lost. The weight slowly started to creep up and she was having a hard time finding something that would burn calories like running. Dianne met one of our instructors, Kay, at the Y. When Kay came to Twisted Cycle, Dianne followed. She started off slow but over the last year has been coming 4-5 days a week and started participating in our challenges (She has completed 3!).

One of Dianne’s biggest goals was to be 160 pounds by the time her middle child graduated this past May. We are proud to announce that Dianne hit her goal 1 WEEK EARLIER! This was her turning point. She is currently 154.4 pounds, 23.6 pounds down! The biggest change she has seen is in inches. We asked Dianne what obstacles she had to overcome when she started. She told us that it was definitely her knees. She said “I didn’t think I would be able to ever do a box jump but I can do them.  I can’t believe the things I can do that I said so many times “nope, I’m not doing that, my knees hurt too bad”.  I have arthritis in both knees and my hands so my knees still hurt and there are days that I really can’t do a lunge or a squat.  But they are not as frequent.”

Moving forward, Dianne can confirm that Twisted Cycle is more than a gym. It is her time to get out of her house and workout. If there was anything she could tell new people trying Twisted Cycle it would be “I don’t think you can find better instructors than here.  You just can’t quit.  There are definitely hills to the valleys but just stick with it.”

Thank you so much Dianne for giving us a try and staying consistent. The results are showing! We are so proud of everything you have accomplished and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

-The Twisted Team