Twisted Cycle is looking for top of the line instructor that are willing to go above and beyond in helping people achieve their fitness goals. We take pride in our company character, culture and community, and are seeking individuals eager to join our pursuit of better. Our mission is to push client past their limits, help them to overcome their insecurities, redefine themselves, and conquer their goals. Twisted Cycle asks for high energy, positive attitudes, and motivating
personalities. We offer industry leading compensation, to reward instructors for being the very best.

When becoming a Twisted Cycle instructor, you will have to go through our weekend program, TwistedU. This will teach you the ins and outs of the company’s language, processes, and expectations. You will have to excel in this before moving into the audience and team-teaching process. More information will be given in TwistedU.

We look forward to working with those interested in becoming part of the Twisted Cycle family.