Twisted Cycle wanted to showcase another one of our members, Rachell Millien. Rachell is 46 “years young” and originally from New York. She has been living in Georgia for 12 years and some of her hobbies include girls’ nights out, watching reality tv, and now working out at Twisted Cycle. Rachell has been coming to TC since August of 2018 and has loved it ever since. Needless to say, she has taken a total of 283 classes with us, just from starting last year!

Some of Rachell’s accomplishments are losing weight and increasing strength she says, “I have definitely increased in strength. I started from 5 lbs weights to now 20lb. Muscles have formed where flab formerly existed. I definitely have more energy and feel good about the way I look. Looking fit is definitely sexier than looking thin. I have gained about 10 lbs of muscle since I started”. Her biggest challenge she has with Twisted Cycle is “definitely the bike”. When we asked how she was able to overcome the bike, she said she has learned to appreciate it and loves the different exercises the instructors incorporate.

We love what Rachell advice to anyone trying Twisted Cycle for the first time. She said “What I would tell a new member is that the first week is the hardest especially if you have never trained like this before. You may feel that your body will not be able to make it through the circuits, but it does gets better as you build endurance. The results are amazing and listen to the instructors. They are there for you and definitely know what they are doing!”

Lastly, we asked Rachell to explain what she loves most about Twisted Cycle. “What I love most about Twisted Cycle is the environment! Each instructor as well as the staff at the front desk knows your name. Each instructor, no matter how full the class is, walks over to each member to motivate as well as help to improve your form during each circuit. The members of my fitfam support each other during each workout and you’re never made to feel inferior throughout your workout. Joining TC has become addictive and without a doubt life changing. There’s no other place I’d rather work out!”

Rachell, from everyone here at Twisted Cycle, thank you so much for being a part of our community and choosing us to help you with your fitness journey. We are truly amazed at everything you have accomplished and so proud of your progress.