Acworth’s December Client Spotlight is Jason Causey. Jason and his wife, Jennifer, love taking classes together. They have two freshman boys (one college, one high school). His hobbies include watching all sports, movies and tv, and reading. He added “…anything that lets me relax while I recover from the Twisted Cycle workouts”! Jason is one of our long-time members. He started in July of 2017 and relocated to our Acworth location when we opened in 2018. In total, Jason has taken 345 classes!

We asked Jason to tell us some things he has accomplished. He told us “I’ve only lost probably 6 or 7 pounds, but weight loss wasn’t really one of my goals. I think the main thing I notice is that I’m a lot stronger than when I started, and my overall fitness is much better. Prior to Twisted Cycle, I was just a runner, so I love that I’m getting a “real” workout now”. Because Jason was looking to add to his running when he started TC, we wanted to see what the biggest challenge was when starting. He said “Probably the soreness! Since I primarily only ran, the first few workouts were a real eye opener for some of my underused muscles. I knew if I kept coming, that debilitating soreness would go away – and it would be replaced by just regular soreness :)”

If Jason could tell anything to a new member, he would say “You’re going to be sore …but keep coming back, it gets better and better. I would also stress how great the atmosphere and the instructors are. That, along with the workouts, is what makes it so easy to decide to keep coming back”. His favorite thing about Twisted Cycle is “the fact that the workout changes every day”. The second reason he said was “the instructors, employees and other clients. The overall atmosphere is impossible not to love.”

Jason, thank you for choosing Twisted Cycle as your gym. We love seeing you come in with you wife and sweating it out together. Everyone at Twisted Cycle appreciates your dedication to the workouts and your passion for coming back every class.