1. Top 4 Twisted Cycle Exercises To Do at Home

    Here's a list of a few exercises we commonly do during Twisted Cycle workouts that you can do at home! These basic ideas can be Incorporated into your daily routine. 1) While reading a book: plank. Get strong while reading by getting into a plank on the floor. You can do this in intervals of anywher…Read More

  2. Dianne’s Twisted Story

    The August 2019 client spotlight is Dianne Parrish. She is 51 years old and is a corporate collector for a consulting firm in DC. When she was younger, she enjoyed riding horses and now plays "show mom" for her oldest two daughters. Her three daughters are 20,18, and 11.┬áIn terms of fitness, Dianne…Read More

  3. More Than a Community, We are a Family

    There have been many studies outlining the importance of having a "gym community". Oxygen Magazine interviewed Harley Pasternak to get some insight on the importance of having a gym community. He said "I think its very important that you have at least one person who is your accountability partner-wh…Read More

  4. More Than Cycling, We are Complete Fitness

    Benefits of Cycling: The benefits of cycling are extensive and include: Zero Impact High Calorie Burn Ability to Change resistance, making it unlike any other for of cardio However, Twisted Cycle doesn't stop there. We specialize in providing clients with complete fitness. We stress the importance o…Read More